BoomVote is Booming

We’re glad to say that people are really enjoying BoomVote. They’ve been giving away piles of cash and prizes since the site launched. We’ve also added some great features like the Battle Mode – the winner gets both votes and are working on more. Anyhow, if you haven’t signed up yet you’re missing out. It’s a great time waster and you’ve got a great shot at winning some extra pizza money or free gear.

The Day the Music Was Reborn

I know the Day the Music Died was marked by a plane crash, but today was a day that music was reborn for me. I’ve been a bit down on new music of late, with nothing really resonating with me. Perhaps it just means I’m getting old and set in my ways. Regardless, I’m really excited to discover that the spirit of the Push Kings lives on. Everybody Else appears to be carrying on with Carrick Moore Gerety at the helm turning out pop hits that make me want to roll down the windows on this first really nice day of the year and sing along while I drive (yeah, I know I never leave the house but that’s for […]

What Would Jesus Build?

Jesus was a carpenter. He built things out of wood before he got into the whole Son of God / Prophet / Messiah thing. He was known for being relaxed and groovy and exceptionally forgiving and fault tolerant. If the Church is to believed he befriended Mary Magdalene despite her being a whore, if the Da Vinci Code is to be believed he married her. I imagine that when he built a staircase he built it to work even when someone jumped up and down on it, slid down it on a rug, stacked scrolls on it, or used it in some way other than walking up and down the middle of it. He built it to be resilient. I […]

Net Neutrality

(via Donklephant) Net Neutrality is the principle that traffic to and from all website should be treated equally by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). They should not be allowed to slow down or speed up traffic based on what it is or whether they were paid a toll by the website operator. Basically, you paid for your connection to the internet and the people who ruin the website paid for their connection. The ISPs want to charge the web site providers an additional charge on top of that. The effect is that they can extort fees from richer companies and prevent new companies and new services from prospering. They can also use this technique to crush competitors such as when they […]

Australian Court Rules Against

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on an Australian Federal Court Ruling against on appeal. The reporting indicated that this could hurt search engines, YouTube, bloggers, and anyone who might link to copyrighted material. However, I think that this may be overreacting to what is in essence a pretty reasonable ruling by the court. Anyone who has read this blog knows that I am not a fan of the RIAA or draconian copyright enforcement. I am a staunch supporter of fair use and balancing the very real interests of the people who collectively grant copyrights via the government and the content creators who are trying to profit from their work. In this case the site was trying to skirt the […]

Valour-IT – Laptops for Wounded Soldiers

(via Boing Boing) Valour-IT is a non-profit that is providing wounded U.S. soldiers with laptops loaded with voice recognition software. These laptops help soldiers who are struggling to cope with new disabilities to communicate with family and friends and empowers them by providing a tool they can use even without the use of their hands. This is a great cause and well worth your support if you have even a few dollars to spare. You can donate online or by sending a check through the mail. This is a great opportunity to bring up again the topic of accessibility and how important it is that the web sites and software we build be made as accessible as possible to help […]

Handling Mistakes

At some point in time it happens to everyone, you make a mistake. Sometimes they are big, sometimes small and sometimes they are perceived by others to bigger or smaller than they are. How you handle your mistakes can make a big difference in your relationship with a client. There are no hard and fast rules for handling these things. You have to apply some judgment based on the people you are working with. Are they fixated on blaming someone or on fixing the the problem? If their focus is blame, then you are dealing with a dysfunctional, paranoid culture, the type of environment where CYA (Covering Your Ass) is the most important activity you can participate in. If their […]

Go Michigan

This one is just from me, Brad will have to post on his Spartans when March Madness comes around, but this is a truly historic couple of days for the University of Michigan. Today the Michigan family lost a legend in Bo Schembechler. Bo was a giant who helped shape the proud Michigan football tradition. Tomorrow our football team faces Ohio State in one of the biggest games ever. Bitter rivals, the top two teams in the country, and the winner gets a shot at the National Championship. Today was a sad day to be a Michigan fan, tomorrow will be a great one as we cheer our team to victory in Columbus. Go Blue!