John McCain Loses My Vote

For while he almost had me with his maverick attitude and independent slant. His talk about compromise and ethics reforms. His sudden decision to speak at Bob Jones University without holding to his earlier pledge to tell off the racists running the place was, well, disheartening. Now he has decided to push for a ridiculous legislation that essentially bans sex offenders from using any website that requires registration, including blogs, chat rooms, social networking sites, product review sites, e-Commerce sites, etc. and potentially levies 6 figure fines against individuals who don’t police their blogs’ comments tightly enough or turn in people who post offensive material in comments.

New Site: CIPA

We’re pleased to announce another new site launch. This time we’re helping CIPA, The Consortium of Independent Physician Associations, to get going in their efforts to save patients money through the prescription of effective generic drugs. CIPA is working to reduce the high cost of medical care by working with doctors to track the dispensing of generic drugs as a low cost alternative to brand name drugs. Generics are chemically identical or similar enough not to make a difference but often come at a fraction of the cost of name brand drugs. We’re working with the Medical Advantage Group in East Lansing to build the site that gets the information out to the administrators and doctors who write the prescriptions. […]

New Site: U.S. Taxpayers and Constitution Party of Michigan

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just launched a new website for the U.S. Taxpayers and Constitution Party of Michigan. Dr. Bhagwan (Bob) Dashairya led the charge in getting the new site up quickly in time for the election on Tuesday. Brad and I are glad that we could be a part of the democratic process by helping candidates for office in Michigan get their message out so voters can make an informed choice. You may recall that we launched a site for Charles Tackett’s run for Congress recently as well. The Web can be a great tool for democracy. A good website can be used by candidates to clearly communicate their views in a more sophisticated manner than 15 […]

Using and Abusing Copyright Law

(via shlep: the Self-Help Law ExPress) The North Country Gazette has a notice (highlighted above in the image) that invokes “Fair Use of Copyright” to forbid the reproduction of their publication. They’ve been called to task by David Giacalone of shlep for trying to void the Fair Use rights that all of us have. Copyright holders have exactly zero authority to void these rights and any claims to the contrary should rightly be smacked down with impunity.

Good Design isn't Cheap

I came across a great blog post about the cost of web design written by Chris Pearson. How much should design cost? The article discusses the cost of designing or redesigning a blog. It seems that the cost is usually between $1500-$3000 to get a good design. The consensus seems to be that most individuals find $1500 or more to be much too expensive. While most corporations would gladly pay $1500-$3000 for a great design. If you are considering investing your time and money into a website please take the time to read this blog post.

New Site: International Global Products

We’re happy to announce another site launch, this time for International Global Products. Right now the site is a simple 3 page web site with the company’s contact info and an introduction to some of their products. A few of the sites we’ve launched recently are our clients’ first forays onto the web. They are taking those first baby steps of setting up a basic website and learning to use it as a tool to help them do business. We wrote about this a while back, this is the Publish phase of getting a company online.

Good Design = Bad Business?

Does good design really equal bad business? If you spend twenty hours instead of ten hours on a project to get the design right is that bad business? When you spend thirty hours on a project instead of ten hours is that bad business? Where do you draw the line on cost versus quality? I don’t have the answer. It’s really something that is unique to each project and business funding the project. I would love to see any statistics available that compare design quality with sales. If you look at the quality of a car design and how it relates to sales I would bet there is a direct correlation. I wonder if the same is true for web […]

The Colbert Report

I recently contacted The Colbert Report to inquire about availability for a client of ours to be interviewed. This client is running for congress and would have fit perfectly into The Colbert Report “Better Know a District” segment. I had been thinking about contacting their talent producer for days before i actually tried to. I waited to try because i felt it would be really hard to get through to the proper person. When in fact it took me less than 30 minutes to find the right person and send them an e-mail. My procrastination probably cost my client from getting onto the show, because the same day i contacted them they aired the segment “Better Know a Challenger.” This […]

Establishing a Working Relationship

Getting to know a potential business partner in an unfamiliar industry can be a daunting task. For business’ looking to hire a web design or technology fim they are often faced with trying to evaluate the skills of people who essentially speak a foriegn language and perform magic. Intelligent business people are left wondering what the hell programmers are talking about as soon as the try to delve into the details of a web designers skills or the work they did on past projects. Generally, business people won’t have the slightest idea what questions to ask to discern if a potential firm will be able to help. This is of course not their fault, they should not be expected to […]