Trimming Pages

I’m currently redesigning the Hallmac RV Rentals site. It is being moved from an old school tabled layout to a new CSS and XHTML compliant design. After a few initial frustrations fighting CSS bugs in browsers to get the layout working I’ve discovered a new joy in converting the site. As I transfer the pages over to the new design I get to strip out tons of font and table tags. It’s great to look at the code disappear and yet still see that page looking great thanks to the attached style sheet. My code is so much cleaner and easier to work with, and as a bonus the page sizes are shrinking rapidly. It’s really quite satisfying in a […]

Thinking In CSS

As I move further and further into using CSS to lay out my web pages I have found that it requires a shift in my mental model of a web page. I am moving to a semantic system for labeling sections of a page so that my CSS is easier to update and change over time. This means labeling things not by how they look but by what they are. So instead of ‘Red Arrow’ I use the label ‘Page Indicator’ which is less constricting if I don’t want to use a red arrow to mark pages in the future and more meaningful for anyone else (including my future self) who reads the code. My design process is also evolving […]