Today started out like many others at Infinite Web Design. Get into the office and ask how everyone is doing on the myriad of tasks they have in progress, jump on slack and check in with Kyle who is working remotely in Traverse City and then double check my email to make sure all the websites we manage are in good working order. After putting out all the fires and grabbing a cup of coffee Kevin and I hit the road. We had interviews lined up back to back all day to recruit new interns and full time developers. We were fortunate to have Dr. Issa at GEE who was willing to lend us his conference room at their headquarters […]

It’s not “just business”

I’ve found that some people go through life trying to act like the things they spend a third or more of their day doing is not a personal endeavor. As though you can treat people badly or disregard the impact of your actions on others so long as it benefits you because it is “just business”. I find this disingenuous at best and sociopathic at worst. The truth is while the law may think that businesses are pseudo people that can behave independently of human beings you are really just dealing with individuals, sometimes one, sometimes many, but just people like you and me. Business interactions have an impact on real people and we should reflect on that every time […]

Apple Customer Service

I purchased a Griffin Elan Form Case from Best Buy to protect my iPhone. As i was putting the case on and sliding the stiff polycarbonate screen protector in place and i realized that there was a large scratch running down the center of my iPhone. So i pulled the case and screen protector off and examined the iPhone. It was officially ruined. The screen protector had managed to put a deep scratch along the majority of my screen making it painfully annoying to try to use. I went back to Best Buy and showed the sales associate the scratch. All he could do was look in amazement that this could possibly happen to an iPhone screen. I explained to […]

Preaching Outside the Choir

Preaching to the choir is easy, they are already on your side and ready to sing your praises. Preaching to people who disagree with you is much harder. Sometimes you need to take a different approach than the one that convinced you. You need to look at how the person you are talking to approaches decisions and the framework they have for passing judgment on the world around them (that judge not stuff is overblown and frequently misinterpreted, a person sans judgment is a helpless, mindless waste, unable to choose what to eat for breakfast). Each of us uses a framework of heuristics and a moral and ethical code to pass judgment on the ideas we encounter all day long. […]

Lessig for Congress

In my last post I linked to Lawrence Lessig talking about Obama. Now there is a special election in Lessig’s California Congressional district and he is considering running. He discusses this in the following video: I’d love to see him run and if you look at his body of work and think he could make a difference too please consider visiting and encouraging him to run. I may not agree with him on every issue, and you may not either, but he is a bright, ethical, and rational individual who will fight effectively to end corruption and secrecy in government and to apply science and reason to governance. He would be a refreshing change on Capitol Hill.

Lawrence Lessig on Obama

Disclaimer: This post reflects my personal opinions of the day (Brad may disagree) and they are subject to change as more information becomes available. We do what we can with what we have. I hope that you’ll agree that honest people can differ on who to support and why and still respect each other in the morning. Lawrence Lessig has created a 20 minute video about his support for Barack Obama. I’m impressed with Lessig in general – he has spent years working to improve the state of intellectual property rights and recently has decided to tackle transparency and corruption in government. I respect and listen critically to anything he takes the time to say.

Why a Geek won't buy HD-DVD or Blu-ray Discs

It’s simply not worth the trouble. Ignoring the obvious ethical and social issues, DRM leads to an arms race that should never have started. And it is one that the DRM pushers are sure to lose. It costs loads of money to produce a DRM scheme, to try to implement it, to keep it updated when it gets cracked within a few weeks of each update, and then to support all of the customers who simply want to play their movie but can’t because you are “protecting” it. There is a great discussion over at Ed Felton’s blog about the AACS cracks and updates. Basically it takes tons of time and money to stop movies from playing, inconveniencing paying customers, […]

You can't stop the interweb

If you were to take a snapshot of at midnight on May 1st, 2007 you would see the power of the interweb. Every story on the front page of is the key to cracking HD-DVD’s. This is a great example of trying to treat adults like children and telling them how and where they can play video content they have purchased. DRM is simply bad business and if we continue to see widespread protests like we have tonight, DRM will be a thing of the past. It is really unfortunate that the Motion Picture industry does not see the value in distributing their films without the restrictions of DRM which is obviously not stopping anyone. All of the […]

What Would Jesus Build?

Jesus was a carpenter. He built things out of wood before he got into the whole Son of God / Prophet / Messiah thing. He was known for being relaxed and groovy and exceptionally forgiving and fault tolerant. If the Church is to believed he befriended Mary Magdalene despite her being a whore, if the Da Vinci Code is to be believed he married her. I imagine that when he built a staircase he built it to work even when someone jumped up and down on it, slid down it on a rug, stacked scrolls on it, or used it in some way other than walking up and down the middle of it. He built it to be resilient. I […]