Updating Git Remotes in Tower for Mac

We recently made the switch to using a new software as a service build and deployment tool. During that switch we needed to change over our Git repositories to the new remote URLs. I am using Tower for Mac and couldn’t find a way to make the switch via the app. It simply doesn’t handle custom server authentication well. Here is what I did to get things working again. Open Terminal or iTerm2 if you have it installed Navigate to the folder with your website files in it In my case it was my Sites folder and then picking the correct sub folder Once there you can run: git remote -v This will show you the current remote server URLs […]

Docs Onsite Updates

We’ve added a few new features to Docs Onsite. Docs Onsite is the document and project management system that we’ve developed. We’ve been really pleased to see how it has worked for other client based companies who need to manage large quantities of documents with clear, simple, auditable access controls and logging. It is also how we manage our internal tasks, calendars, files, time tracking (which exports to QuickBooks for billing), support tickets, and bug tracking. The latest features are small looking updates, but are both very useful. We’ve added tagging to the Tasks, with color coding. This has really helped make it easy to quickly filter the task list to a related group of tasks. We’ve also integrated a […]


We continue growing and looking to grow our team. We’ve been very fortunate with the people we’ve hired and have been so busy we haven’t really taken the time to introduce them or explain to people why they should join us in a while. We’re now up to 7 people here. Me (Kevin), Brad, Barrett, Kyle, Brian, Tom, and Eric. A diverse group with a variety of beards. People without facial hair are also welcome, though we made Kyle work from Traverse City when he refused to grow a mustache.   [your head here] We’re working out of our offices in Lake Orion and working on plans for a new building. Brian is fixing up the Ms. Pacman I bought […]

Paw Pods

The first shipment of Paw Pods is in and they are ready for sale. There are 4 sizes of Pods and an Urn available in this first batch of products. Paw Pods are biodegradable Pods and Urns for burying pets when they die. They range in size from the Micro Pod for goldfish to the Medium Pod for small dogs and cats. You can buy them online now for individuals who have lost a pet or you can order in bulk for veterinarians or retailers. Each Pod and Urn also comes with a flowering sympathy card to be planted to help memorialize the pet. The site is built using the Magento platform. It’s a powerful, if sometimes unwieldy, e-commerce platform […]

Valour-IT – Laptops for Wounded Soldiers

(via Boing Boing) Valour-IT is a non-profit that is providing wounded U.S. soldiers with laptops loaded with voice recognition software. These laptops help soldiers who are struggling to cope with new disabilities to communicate with family and friends and empowers them by providing a tool they can use even without the use of their hands. This is a great cause and well worth your support if you have even a few dollars to spare. You can donate online or by sending a check through the mail. This is a great opportunity to bring up again the topic of accessibility and how important it is that the web sites and software we build be made as accessible as possible to help […]

Being Interesting

Russel Davies writes about how to be interesting (unrelated to the recent brouhaha surrounding the Flickr interestingness patent). This seems to be related to the phenomenon of homophily (the tendency to associate with people like yourself). By stepping outside of your comfort zone to learn and try new things you are breaking from the personal inertia that binds so many of us to our boring daily routines.

Tis the Season

Pass a law that says if 75% of eligible voters don’t go to the polls, the election is invalid and will have to be held again in one month. This will mean another 30 days of condescending, mind-eroding, profoundly annoying campaign ads. (from The Outfit) Ah, the joy of the political season, when we listen to politicians spout nonsense and vitriol and get to choose between candidates that are jerks, morons, crooks, or worse. I’ve been enjoying the political ads here in Michigan where we have spirited Gubernatorial and Senate races. We have such inspiring candidates as our incumbent Governor Granholm, Dick DeVos (“intelligent design”, seriously?), Debbie Stabenow (obsessed with Canadian trash), and Mike Bouchard.

World Series Bound

Congratulations to the Detroit Tigers who are headed to the World Series for the first time since their 1984 Championship (when I was just 4 years old). It’s great to see the team doing well again after near historic lows just a few years ago. It’s good for fans and it’s good for Metro Detroit. I’ll be rooting for them in the World Series.

“Stupidity Has Its Own Rewards”

(via Boing Boing) That’s my Dad’s favorite saying, oft repeated after seeing a particular appalling example of human stupidity. Today I’d like to highlight a prime example of stupidity and weak minds at work that rears its head again and again – book banning. This time it came up in Houston, Texas when Alton Verm, of Conroe tried to get the school board to ban Farenheight 451, a novel by Ray Bradbury (story on the Courier website). The great irony is that Mr. Verm proposed banning a book about book burning during the National Library Association’s Banned Books Week. Banning books is the act of intellectual cowardice. Those who fear the spread of knowledge are relying on a state of […]