Dell 968w Mac Setup Process

So i recently switched over to using a MacBook Pro and have had all kinds of issues with getting software and hardware configured properly. Nothing has been worse that trying to get my Dell 968w printer to work with my new Mac. After a few hours and a lot of forums here is what i found. Setup Process: Go to System Preferences > Print & Fax Click on the little plus sign (+) to add a new printer In my case I had already setup the printer using a windows pc and had configured the wireless settings, if you haven’t you need to do that first. Go to the IP tab Select “HP Jetdirect – Socket” as the Protocol For […]

What Would Jesus Build?

Jesus was a carpenter. He built things out of wood before he got into the whole Son of God / Prophet / Messiah thing. He was known for being relaxed and groovy and exceptionally forgiving and fault tolerant. If the Church is to believed he befriended Mary Magdalene despite her being a whore, if the Da Vinci Code is to be believed he married her. I imagine that when he built a staircase he built it to work even when someone jumped up and down on it, slid down it on a rug, stacked scrolls on it, or used it in some way other than walking up and down the middle of it. He built it to be resilient. I […]

Valour-IT – Laptops for Wounded Soldiers

(via Boing Boing) Valour-IT is a non-profit that is providing wounded U.S. soldiers with laptops loaded with voice recognition software. These laptops help soldiers who are struggling to cope with new disabilities to communicate with family and friends and empowers them by providing a tool they can use even without the use of their hands. This is a great cause and well worth your support if you have even a few dollars to spare. You can donate online or by sending a check through the mail. This is a great opportunity to bring up again the topic of accessibility and how important it is that the web sites and software we build be made as accessible as possible to help […]

Mouse Adaptor Compensates for Hand Tremors

IBM and Montrose Secam have partnered to release an adaptor for a computer mouse that will help users with hand tremors use pointing devices. The devices cost approximately $100 (US) and are available for sale online. The adaptor plugs into the PS/2 post and the mouse then plugs into the adaptor. If the computer lacks a PS/2 port there is a PS/2 to USB adapator available. The adaptor compensates for the tremors by filtering unintended hand motions, sending only the intentional hand movements on to the computer. It also compensates for difficulties with double clicking. This project was started by an IBM researcher named James Levine.

Technology Top 3

Veerle brought up the topic of a wishlist for gadgets and gizmos. So I got to thinking about what new things I want the most. 1. A Tablet PC with all the trimmings I want to get one with the bulletproof glass, the lightning quick processor, piles of ports, the detachable, rotatable keyboard, built in 802.11 and Bluetooth, a clot loading CD-RW / DVD-R drive and a nice big, thin widescreen (not one of those 10″ deals). 2. A Cell Phone/PDA combo I want a Cell phone with a big screen, a clamshell design that opens two ways, a QWERTY keyboard, 802.11 and Bluetooth (so it plays nice with my new Tablet), easy to use menus, a huge hard drive […]