Spread the Word

Every web design client asks at least one question in common, “How do I get people to my site?”. There are many ways to help get people to your website and they all involve some amount of effort and dedication. A few of the common methods include: Search engines Links from other sites Word of mouth

Building Awareness For Your Brand

A web site alone is not going to build awareness for your brand. We run into this problem time and time again with clients. The key is finding the right way to drive traffic to your web site. These are a few simple ways to attract more people to your site: Offer an incentive Post your URL on all marketing materials Crosslink with related web sites Write articles for trade journals and web sites and include your URL in the article

Making a Positive First Impression

There are some simple steps that will give people a positive first impression when they visit your website: Make the web site visually appealing Make access to relevant information quick and easy Present product information clearly to help customers make informed decisions Make buying your product / service and contacting your company as simple as possible Visual Appeal By making your website visually appealing, it gives the visitor the feeling that they are visiting a reputable site. This is a key to successful E-commerce because people will not purchase goods or services from a site they don’t trust. When you spend the time and money to make a web site look trustworthy it yields results in increased sales. This will […]

Reducing the Steps to a Sale

E-commerce sites that sell products or services online are regularly faced with a dilemma: collecting lots of information from customers we can target our marketing and sales better, but collecting that information creates a barrier to sales. Every extra form field adds a little bit to the already imposing psychological barriers to a sale in a potential customer’s mind. We are faced with balancing the need to gather information with the need to ease a customers path to completing a purchase.