Dromos PTM

The Dromos Patient Therapy Management system is a web based specialty pharmacy software system that integrates with McKesson’s EnterpriseRx dispensing software. The system is available as a service for use at specialty, mail order, and retail pharmacies. With features for managing prior authorizations, patient counseling, financial assistance, and infusible deliveries Dromos PTM offers flexible workflows that help a pharmacy operate efficiently and effectively to provide the highest levels of patient and physician support. A Physician portal speeds up the Prior Authorization process and a Patient Portal allows patients to quickly refill prescriptions and check on the status of their medications.

Dromos is a web based application, allowing us to provide the latest updates and features to everyone using it without any delays. Pharmacies using Dromos are active participants in the development process; providing feedback and guidance on what will server their changing needs. Dromos is designed to guide and support best practices that meet industry standards such as URAC, with detailed patient Care Plans, detailed patient counseling, assessments, & education, and features that ensure timely dispensing and regular patient follow ups.

Meet Dromos PTM