Henry Ford Pharmacy

Henry Ford Pharmacy has 26 locations in Metro Detroit serving a diverse patient population. We helped them migrate their web services from a white label product to a new custom web site that is used by pharmacy staff and patients. It is integrated with McKesson’s EnterpriseRx software via McKesson’s API and we built a custom RESTful API for the pharmacy web system that is used by other vendors to give patients a single login for the website and mobile app. We also built a medication interaction checker and a system to keep that updated regularly.

The Patient Portal we built allows patients to refill prescriptions, ask questions of the pharmacy staff, view their year end statements, and update their account information. This has been convenient for customers and saves the pharmacy time on the phone answering questions and money. The easy online refills make it simpler for customers to get their refills on time and get them ordered when they need them. The online statements reduced the need for a common year end request from customers that took up a great deal of time at tax time. The secure online messages provide a simple way for customers to ask questions on their time without sitting on the phone. This is great for non-urgent late night questions.

Other nice touches we’ve added to the site include being able to quickly post monthly OTC specials at the retail pharmacies, monthly health information (e.g. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month), and other resources that help patients. By moving from a white label product to a custom system we’re now able to quickly adapt and update the site to meet the changing needs of the pharmacy and patients.