Infinite CTO

Infinite CTO is perfect for organizations that need support and guidance on technology choices and implementation, but aren’t ready for an expensive full time CTO. We can engage with your executives, management, and staff and translate your needs and wants into clear technology choices and priorities. We will help you to work with the multitude of vendors and contracts needed to implement your IT strategy and we can translate between technical jargon and normal English.

Great for organizations that don’t need a full time CTO, but still need the experienced guidance and leadership
Optional retainer for a reduced hourly rate and prioritized scheduling

Ad Hoc
Request help just when you need it and pay hourly as you go.
Great for small businesses that only need occasional help.
Limited Retainer
Setup a monthly retainer to reserve our time on a regular basis for an ongoing engagement.
Perfect for dynamic small to medium size businesses.
Focused Engagement
Reserve a larger portion of our time and team for tackling a larger project
Great for bursts of activity like setting up a new building or planning a new technology initiative

Advantages of IWD CTO

We have an experienced team with backgrounds in IT, Application Development, and business. Our expertise allows us to engage with business and technical stakeholders, gather requirements, and work with all parties to implement successful technology projects ranging from application development, to server provisioning, to network configuration and installation.

We have worked with small and medium sized businesses companies and very large corporations and can engage on any level with multiple parties.

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