Pharmacy Advantage

Pharmacy Advantage is a mail-order specialty pharmacy. They provide medications and support to patients with cancer, autoimmune disorders, hepatitis, organ transplants, and other hard to treat diagnoses. We have worked with them to build Dromos, the web based application that they use for their internal workflows. They use it to manage prior authorizations, patient counseling and assessments, patient contact and support, managing infusible medication deliveries, tracking patient financial assistance, and more. The Dromos PTM software we’ve built together has enabled Pharmacy Advantage to achieve a prior authorization approval rate of nearly 90%, and to fill most prescriptions within 48 hours — compared to an industry-wide average of 10 days.

approval rate
million 2011

million 2016

During its first three years using Dromos PTM, Pharmacy Advantage generated more than $770,000 of income from service agreements with drug manufacturers that depended on the reporting capabilities we built into Dromos. Moreover, Pharmacy Advantage’s total billing has grown from less than $71 million in 2011 to over $236 million in 2016.

We’re proud that the software we’ve built together has helped improve on what was already a high standard for patient care. We’ve helped them save time and money and found new ways to get medications to patients even faster than they were. We have helped Pharmacy Advantage work with drug manufacturers to develop secure, complex reporting systems that help them gain access to new, limited distribution medications.

Through our work together Pharmacy Advantage has developed some of the most advanced, easy to use, and effective specialty pharmacy processes and supporting software in the industry.

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