So what can we do for you? We can help you make your company more productive and efficient. Most of our clients retain our services on an ongoing basis for years because we are careful to ensure that what we build has a clear Return on Investment (ROI) and the software and systems we put in place save them far more money than it cost to build them and we work to help them adapt and update their operations as their needs change.

Infinite Web Design provides services in the areas of:

Web Development

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React Redux Apollo GraphQL ColdFusion MySQL PostgreSQL MS SQL Oracle PHP e-commerce

We build custom web applications to power your customer facing web site or to improve the efficiency of internal business processes. We specialize in building large web based applications to manage your business. Systems we build are used to manage workflows, save money, and help people at pharmacies, schools, and large and small businesses. We’re at our best serving as long term partners to solve problems that come up for our clients over time. We develop a deep understanding of their operations and their needs and work as partners that understand the technologies that can help them.

We are very good at integrating systems, working with internal software and other vendors to ensure that our clients don’t waste time on duplicate data entry, missed data, and inefficient processes as a result of using multiple, unconnected software systems. We work well with other developers and large corporate IT to get things done efficiently, securely, and correctly.

Systems Integration

Combining software and databases in new, useful, and novel ways to make your business more efficient and productive.

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QuickBooks API QuickBooks Web Connector McKesson EnterpriseRx Epic

We have experience integrating complex, disparate software systems and databases in useful ways. This includes using APIs, writing new queries to existing databases, developing data syncing software to exchange data between systems, and building out new software and setting up servers to process and use that data to help businesses. We have experience handling large volumes of time sensitive, important data reliably and securely. We have experience establishing VPNs, encrypting data for transmission and storage, providing secure, auditable interfaces for accessing data.

Secure Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Servers Secure Facilities Automated Security Scans Detailed Security Reviews
A safe home for data and software systems – managed with care and an understanding of how to protect critical data.

We have racks of dedicated servers in a secure data center that we manage for our clients. We offer this as s service to ensure that we can manage the security and reliability of the software we build by running it on top of the line hardware and server software that is always patched and audited for security. We make sure that every application we work on is set up with the right hardware and server software to meet the needs of our clients. We control everything to ensure that our systems are not just secure virtually, but physically as well.

Web Design

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We are experienced web designers and choose the proper technologies for each job. Some designers will try to sell you on what they do best, we prefer to sell what is most suited to your needs. Our web sites are built to the highest available international standards for code quality and accessibility.

App Development

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Android iOS Custom API Development Server Side Applications

Build mobile apps for iOS and Android and the server side databases and code needed to support them. We can build apps that standalone or work with your existing infrastructure and technologies. We built the EZBus app to integrate with the Next K-12 Student Information System and EZPaperTrail via custom APIs. Great mobile apps often need to work as part of a larger technology ecosystem, we can make that work.

Business Process Consulting

Information flow analysis task analysis process automation job shadowing

Infinite Web Design works with businesses to analyze their business processes such as product ordering, billing, product delivery, or scheduling of services and finds ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. We can create and integrate your external (what the customer sees) and internal web sites with your business processes to reduce the cost of doing business and increase the efficiency of those processes.

  • We work side by side with your management and employees to leverage their experience
  • We develop process and technology based solutions to correct the problems we find
  • We develop detailed, modular plans of action that start to show measurable results quickly

Usability & Accessibility

User testing task analysis surveys focus groups heuristic evaluation information architecture standards compliance

Usability is about designing your site to ensure that your visitors can find their way around and accomplish their goals quickly and easily. There are two main ways to ensure that this happens:

  1. Follow good design practices and design to meet web standards and
  2. Test the site using real people to see how they interact with the web site and where they encounter problems.

As our overall population ages, a growing percentage suffers from some sort of disability that can prevent them from using computers and accessing web sites. Potential customers may suffer from vision, hearing, or mobility impairments as a result of disease, injury, or simply age. Failing to design a site that they can access means losing out on a large audience. Including individuals who may be decision makers at an organization. Losing business due to poor accessibility could be very serious and is unnecessary.


Seminars lectures mini-courses workshops

“Give a man a fish…” Sometimes it’s better to teach people to do things themselves. We are always happy to share what we know with our clients so that they are capable of improving their own websites and business processes. We’ve worked with development teams at large and small organizations on two continents. If your designers, developers, or managers want to learn more about usability, accessibility, standards based web design, or how to bring together people, information, and technology in useful ways we’ll be glad to work with you.

Kevin Hall has taught at the college level at the International Academy of Design & Technology in Troy, Michigan. Infinite Web Design can hold regular classes or special seminars for your company’s web designers and developers to teach best practices and the latest technologies.

Cost of Services

We can discuss a number of billing options for our services, we will work within your budget to get you the most return on your investment. The initial consultation is free of charge so take a moment to contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Contact us for more information on working with Infinite Web Design.